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Teleglobal provides the highest quality Broadband Wireless Access, Internet Access, Web Site Hosting, Dedicated Network Connectivity and Server or Equipment Collocation services, VSAT, Leased Line. We achieve our low prices by using the latest technology, and by having planned long term strategic partnerships..

CityNet is the brand name of some products & services:

  • Internet access: uses two-ways satellite communication (uplink and downlink)
  • Internet Service Supports via :
    o Satellite (DVB & SCPC)
    o Fiber Optic & Microwave
    o Leased Line Connection
    o Multi Backbone Backup Link
  • Infrastructure: provides national-wide data-link services where VSAT dish can be installed
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    Fiber Optic, POP and Radio Link Networks VSAT Connection covers any point within Indonesia Support by highly competent people, providing (7x24x 365) customer support Coverage: Java, Bali, Mataram, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Batam up to Singapore


    Satellite Based Services

    The Teleglobal VSAT service enables service providers to establish carrier grade capacity connectivity with their facilities in remote locations or locations where terrestrial based connectivity is unavailable. Teleglobal has built Quality Partnerships to provide regional "anywhere-to-anywhere" network solutions for service providers.


    Leased Line Based Services

    IT system is absolutely essential to productivity at any company. Teleglobal provides services, which require for mission-critical, fault-tolerant solution that provides dependable, point-to-point communication between each of the business. Our services range from an enterprise level E-1 at 2Mbps to burst able and full OC-3 starting at 15Mbps to 155Mbps. Teleglobal Dedicated Connection Access E-1 solution provides your business with a symmetrical 2Mbps connection. We provide a feature rich connection that is backed by our industry leading service guarantees.

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    About Our Vision: Brings the world closer to you
    2000-Until Now Our Humble Beginnings
    PT. Indo Pratama Teleglobal (Teleglobal) provides integrated solutions for Data Communication,Leased Channels, Internet Telephony Services, Data Center and Disaster Recovery, as well as other Internet based businesssolutions. Established in 2000 and before long will become one of the leaders in wholesale internet-basedcommunication for international termination and origination. It was formed in response of the growing computer, network,internet and telecommunication, which is based in Asia. Teleglobal maintains its primary customer and technical services center in Jakarta, with officesand network hubs in Jakarta and Singapore. Teleglobal's high quality service level and local coverage have fueled itsrapid growth. It heads into the future with a rapids expanding infrastructure and plans to continue providing innovativeand high quality services. Please don't hestitate to contact us.